ARK 100™ Decontamination Device

ARK 100™ Features

Proven Technology

  • High Performance HPUVC™ Technology delivers
    over 1 J/cm2 at the surface in 2 minutes
  • Patent Pending
  • FDA sponsored research validates 20 or more
    re-uses of N95 masks*
  • Highest UVC flux at the the lowest exposure
    times to exceed both FDA and CDC
    recommended dosage of 1J/cm2 for
    N95 treatment

ARK 100™

ARK 100™

Key Features

  • Standard Cycle: 2 minutes, > 1.2 J/cm2
  • Deep Cycle: 10 minutes, > 6.0 J/cm2
  • Status indicating LEDs
  • UV lighting completely sealed
  • HEPA Filter
  • Germicidal lamps rated at 5,000 hours, 254nm
  • 120V, 50-60HZ
  • 50lbs
  • 21”X16”X23” (WxDXH)
  • Exterior wipeable with diluted bleach sheets
    or equivalent cleaning agents

Important Disclaimer:
Camillus LLC makes no claim specific to the germ killing, virus killing, bacteria killing, pathogen killing, etc. efficacy of
the ARK 100™. Any purchase of the ARK 100™ will require a Release of Liability document to be signed by the customer.