About Camillus LLC

Our Mission

To increase safety and sustainability for healthcare residents, patients, practitioners, institutions and offices across our community.

We have developed multiple disinfection and decontamination products using patent pending, High Performance UVC technology. Camillus LLC is driven to provide its decontamination technology where it is most needed in the US and around the world.

About Us

Camillus LLC is an innovative company focused on providing high performance, hygiene solutions to improve the quality of life in the healthcare institutions. The company was formed in April 2020 and has developed a room decontamination device utilizing highly efficacious Ultraviolet-C (UVC) disinfection technology.

Camillus LLC was founded by a team of former engineers, scientists and business leaders from GE. The team has more than 120 patents issued amongst them and has developed the groundbreaking Ultraviolet-A (UVA) disinfection technology that GE uses in hospitals to help manage hospital-acquired infections.