Guardian Testing Results

Test Results for the Guardian in a Hospital Room Setting

  • Testing on the Guardian performed by Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Test results for the Guardian against MRSA and C.Diff at distances up to 3 meters
  • Presentation shows testing setup and excellent results of performance against heavily soiled pathogen samples

Testing of the Guardian Against UVDI-360 and Other UV-C Systems

  • Study performed by Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio to measure effeciveness against Candida auris and MRSA
  • Demonstrated how the Guardian outperforms UVDI-360 in killing power

Important Reference Documents

Direct Costs of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) & the Benefits of Prevention

  • This paper by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) enumerates the costs of HCAIs in Hospitals
  • Direct costs range as high as $45 Billion per year (2007 dollars)
  • Financial benefits range as high as $31.5 Billion per year (2007 dollars)

The History of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation for Air Disinfection

  • A background document describing the history of Ultraviolet Disinfection for use in disinfecting room air
  • Discusses some of the scientific terms utilized as well as a discussion on why low pressure Mercury lamps like those in the Guardian are effective at killing pathogens

Role of Hospital Surfaces in the Transmission of Health Care Associated Pathogens

  • Study estimates that 20% to 40% of cross infections come from hands of health care workers
  • Surfaces play an important role in the transmission of MRSA, VRE, C.diff & Acinetobacter
  • Enhanced cleaning & disinfection are suggested to stop and prevent outbreaks, inlcuding use of UV-C

FDA Reference Document Listing the Dosages Required to Inactivate Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa, Spores & Algae

  • This is a compilation of a large number of historical studies that have been done to measure the effectiveness of UV-C radiation in killing pathogens
  • This is the most widely accepted reference document of it’s type and utilized by all manufacturers of UV-C systems
  • Provides energy (fluence) levels needed (in milliJoules/cm2) for an effective Log kill rate for a given pathogen

Evaluations and Studies of Available UV-C Systems

  • When reviewing the publications below, you will see that many were studies were performed using competitive room disinfection units built by companies other than Camillus.
  • These companies build excellent and high quality units, but none have the disinfecting power of the Guardian, nor are they nearly as affordable.
  • The Guardian has been shown to provide the highest levels of disinfecting power, or “fluence” available on the market, so when you review these studies, you can trust that the Guardian will  provide equivalent or superior performance.
Guardian UV-C Room Disinfection Unit

Study Showing 44% Reduction in Viral Infections by Adding UV-C to Normal Cleaning Protocols

  • Study by St. Mary’s hospital in Bayside, NY using UVDI-360 (previously Clorox) unit
  • Study showed a 44% reduction in viral infection over a 12 motnh period
  • Only difference was the addition of UV-C to existing cleaning protocols
  • Study showed a compounding, beneficial effect of continuous use of UV-C over time


Decontamination of Pathogens from Patient Rooms Using a UV-C Device

  • Study performed at Duke University and University of North Carolina Health Care using Tru-D System
  • Showed that UV-C can decrease bioburden of important pathogens such as VRE and C.diff in real world settings
  • Also showed that while surface cleaning is important, over 90% of bacteria will be killed on surfaces that are not cleaned prior to exposure

Evaluation of UV-C Device for Decontamination of HCAIs in Hospital Rooms

  • Evaluation of the Tru-D UV-C system in a hospital room setting
  • Study showed that UV-C dramatically reduced VRE, MRSA & C.diff on high touch surfaces

Evaluation of a UV-C System and the Importance of Distance and Time of Exposure

  • This paper documents the testing of the UVDI-360 UV-C system
  • The study describes the importance of distance to surfaces to be disinfected and the time of exposure for a lower power unit such as this