Meet the Guardian

The Guardian’s advanced features make it the highest performing unit available on the market.

Learn About the Guardian’s Advanced Benefits for Yourself by Pointing to a Feature

Guardian UV-C the Highest Levels of Disinfection Performance
Motion Detection

360° Infrared Motion Detection provides safe shutoff of system if room is entered

Waterproof Speaker

Speaker provides clear audible messages for simple operation

Heavy Duty Switches

Large, Industrial Switches provide years of reliable service in tough environments

Lamp Guard

Strong Lamp Guard protects lamps and allows operator to easily see through while moving unit


Smooth rolling, non-marring casters for easy movement of unit from room to room

All Metal Construction

All metal construction provides unbeatable levels of durability and reliability

Built-in Diagnostics

Automatic built-in tests run continuously to monitor proper function of system and provide visual and audible incidators of health

UV-C Lamps

Four long life, high output Mercury amalgam UV-C  lamps provide unmatched levels of disinfection energy

Voice Prompts

Operational audio prompts make training easy and operating the Guardian simple to do

No Handheld Control

No separate handheld controller or tablet to lose or get damaged – all controls are audio prompted for easy operation

   Guardian Information & Downloads

Guardian Spec Sheet

Click to download a one page spec sheet for the Guardian and find out how it can help your facility achieve new levels of disinfection effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions About UV-C Disinfection Systems

Click to download our Frequently Asked Questions that can help to remove some of the mystery and confusion about UV-C Disinfection Systems, and help you understand why the Guardian is the best choice in high performance room disinfection.